The Idea (continued)

When we arrived back at Paddles at 11:30 it was definitely a different scene from that which we had seen earlier. The establishment was filled with people and the lights were dim. Each room seemed to hold a different scene and in moments we were led to a private room where Michael and his lovely wife Laura were waiting to speak to us. Michael, who is a legendary fixture in NYC or better known as the “the granddaddy of S/M”, invited us to film a series of private dungeons located under the streets of New York.

Once back in the car, the Crew members began talking all at once. They were mesmerized and captivated by this world that, to me, seems normal. Most of them had never seen anything like it, nor prior to that evening did they even begin to grasp the concept of what it was about.

That day in September 2011 , I had no clue that in two months I would be sitting in the living room of another escort in San Francisco telling her what was about to happen. Telling her how it was time, that we as a group should do something. But the seed was planted. I knew we lived in a world that was seldom seen, a world that astonished others.

The director and I began to brainstorm and came up with the idea of developing a series of documentaries based on what’s real in my world. The underground world of the Sex worker. We decided to start with a central focus and work out; we started, with the basic life of us escorts. The trick to making this documentary would be to work within a frame work that would never endanger ourselves or others and to find those women who we would be proud to speak for us.

We had a vision! A vision of ‘women of the evening’ coming together to have a voice. The idea had begun to gel and we had pulled together a group of women so strong and so powerful that they had all earned the name “American Courtesans”, and the filming began...

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The Film

The Idea

The Making