Gina Robinson

(continued) But as with many in the US, in 2005 she was laid off. By 2007, she was still unemployed and lost her home in foreclosure. Because of circumstances Gina had to reluctantly make a heart wrenching decision and send her daughter to live with her parents, at which time, she returned to a life of escorting in order to send money in support of her daughter. And from there.....her life takes a turn. She recants what it was like to have a swat team break down her door and what was going though her mind as it happened. She talks about a judge ordering her to pay a hefty fine, while at the same time knowing that her only means of earning that money was to return to a life of prostitution and the cost if she didn’t? She would have to return to jail and surely it would affect her ability to see her child and it is clear that her daughter is Gina’s main reason for living. The sole reason that Gina worked so hard.

The day I met Gina, it was hard to believe that this Italian spitfire who looks like a cross between your typical soccer mom and Sophia Loren could have lived through what she did. Her bubbly personality and her very apparent love for her daughter was both engaging and endearing. Her heart and her passion undeniable. Today Gina still works and goes by the name “Gina in the morning” in a small Rhode Island town. She has become an advocate for us women in the industry, giving a voice to those of us who no longer can speak because of hatred for women like us in this world. She tracks the activity of those like the “Craigs List” killer and gives solace to some of those women’s families that few take the time to empathize with. For more about Gina check out her website at