Norma Jean Almodovar - Sex Worker AdvocateNorma Jean Almodovar

She sat in a small apartment in a quasi-safe area in Southern California. Her flaming red hair was accentuated by the blueness of her eyes. Behind a blockade of tables with computers, cables, dolls and a baby monitor to watch her much loved, yet elder husband who needed constant attention, Norma Jean sat a cup at her side in case her throat got dry. I scanned the room, and my eyes fell on classic Annie Sprinkle posters which lined the walls. Each poster dotted with nudes during the days that pornography needed to have an element of art or the authorities that be could arrest you. I sat opposite Norma Jean Almodovar.... she was animated, alive and a woman who knew this realm better than most. On the left from where I was sitting were rows of binders neatly lined with thousands and thousands pages of documentation about the Sex industry and police brutality, a topic that Norma Jean was very familiar with, even though her first encounters with sex workers were very different than the other women who were interviewed. Norma Jean had been a Cop. In fact she worked for the LAPD, as a traffic cop, who later became a high class call girl.

Today, NJ is a sex workers rights activist. Her phone number 818-892-2029. She makes it public so that any sex worker in need has a someone to call. Her story; one that few would believe could even happen. I spent the day listening to this brilliant woman, who’s IQ was clearly off the charts, as she described her life from childhood through the point where she became one of the first female cops in the LAPD. After spending 10 years with the LAPD, she needed to leave. Norma Jean takes us through a tale of police corruption, the life of a LA call girl, and her 3+ years in prison. She describes the lengths that people actually went through to stop her from publishing her book Cop to Call Girl (1993- Simon and Schuster).
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