Alex Ojeda - Gaffer and Lighting ExpertAlex Ojeda

Originally from El Paso texas, Alex Ojeda was our gaffer and the youngest of the crew. Light hearted, and continually happy, he kept our crew laughing earning himself the title of “Our goofy gaffer”. Young, ambitious, and full of energy Alex added a level of energy to our set that was well needed on those days where we were shooting late into the night. We were lucky, as with the rest of the crew, he was worth much more than we were able to pay. His knowledge about the industry was wonderful and his “McGiver” like skills were so indispensable when in the inner cities filming or out in the country. It was amazing. One moment there was darkness, the next....”poof”....there was light!

A graduate from the University of Texas with a degree in Broadcast Journalism, Alex set off for LA to find something more...Once in LA, he realized that News Telecast was not his life and after attending Los Angeles Film School (LAFS) he moved into the field of lighting and soon became a gaffer. Due to his excellent talent, good team work, and dependability, Alex now has short films, commercials, music videos, web series, and feature films under his belt. American Courtesans is Alex’s first documentary, as well as, his first feature as a gaffer. We all loved him and his work was amazing!



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