Harold Ecotet - Camera Operator - Academy of Arts  SFHarold Escotet

Sometimes in life, you meet someone who can see things in a way that few others can. It’s as if they are part of the camera, making you feel each and every movement, as if you are right there with them. I think that about sums Harold Escotet up...one with the camera. Fiery, passionate, and full of creativity, this Venezuelan native with a BS in Systems Engineering , but while in school he happened to gain employment as a production assistant on a TV commercial. The one catch; he got the call and had 20 minutes to make it there. Someone had not shown and up and a friend of his just happened to be producing the commercial, if he could make it, he had the job. The job happen to be a commercial for GM, and he had his foot in the door.

Today Harold has worn many hats, from production assistant, to gaffer, director, to director of photography, but the one thing you can be sure of is film is his life. His goal? To take exactly what the director is looking for and making that vision a reality.




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